Stephen Black

Terms & Conditions

1.Stephen can be engaged on an hourly rate from three hours upwards

2. Invoices payable upon presentation. A 50% interest charge will be added to the Gross amount of unpaid debt  every 7 Calendar Days. Legal Notice of debt recovery will be served after a period of 30 calendar days

3. Stephen does not work for commission only.

4. Where the Offer Of The Month (or any offer on the website)  states '1 Free Hour', this Is dependant on The Client booking a minimum of three consecutive hours work.

5. Stephen Is happy to attend a preliminary meeting with prospective clients to help determine their objectives prior to his engagement. However, any meeting that does not result in Stephen's engagement within 14 calendar days will be subject to a £35 administration fee payable upon presentation

6. A 50% deposit is required before the provision or creation of databases.Work will not commence on any database requirement until the deposit has cleared.