Years ago, I worked at Newsquest, the international publishing group that publishes Oxfordshire's local newspapers. I sold advertising space across 8 titles by telemarketing.

And my sales manager, Steve Meade, gave me a great bit of advice that all telemarketers and people selling their products - and this means you ! - should follow, and this is it;


I was so busy telling the poor sap at the other end of the line about the benefits of advertising with The Oxford Mail - only £150 for half a page, access to 35,000 readers per day, etc, etc, that I wasn't listening to what they were saying.

Don't talk, just listen

Your clients and customers will tell you about their business, their product, their problems, their successes - and everybody loves talking about themselves, even a modest little chap like me - and you will be able to help them by offering your services after you have heard what you can do to help them.

So, as someone who talks for a living, being told to 'shut up' was the best piece of business advice I have ever received ! 


'Steve's professional and tenacious approach has bought us a significant number of new business

 opportunities, which has really helped us to establish our new business in Oxford' Harvey Merrins, Insurance agent

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